music at a distance 24

by snwv

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Night Field 08:11


How are you this week?

For me, it can still feel isolated and strange to do these performances without a direct sense of who's listening. While I'm performing, I tend to think of a kind of person, what they might be going through, and the kinds of sounds they may want or need. These are particularly anxious times! Some of us are safe and well, and others aren't...and we can't always know who's in which group. So I send these out in the hope that if you need them, you can find them comforting or helpful.

This week I tried a new stereo mic, so the opening part uses sounds from the room--crickets outside the window, neighbors, and a singing bowl. I'll admit that I went into this week horrified at the state of the world. Starting with the environmental recording was a good idea, though--the crickets and the bowl drone led these improvisations to orbit around a calming center. What you'll hear is a balance of these things.

Some technical notes: The new mic comes with its own converter, and I wasn't sure how Max's [sfrecord~] would behave when audio input was switched (live audio does turn off, but it does resume state when turned back on), so I first captured the neighborhood and room sounds before toggling to the usual Focusrite A/D interface as input.

What I didn't do (not for another half hour) was check to see which interface my streaming software was connected to. It turns out to have been connected to the microphone directly, instead of to the Focusrite. I stopped the stream, switched it, and resumed again (which worked out well for the listeners joining after that point). If you did tune in before that, apologies for getting that wrong. This recording doesn't have that problem, though.

Thank you for listening!


released August 25, 2020

Maurice Rickard: Guitar, programming


Guitars: Kalamazoo KG-2 in Joni Mitchell's CACFAC tuning (1&2), home-built Res-O-Glas in standard tuning (3-6)

Other: Metal singing bowl, stereo and monaural dynamic microphones

Collaborators: crickets outside

Signal chain: Instrument > Reuss RF-01 Repeater Fuzz > Vox Wah > Moyo Volume > Max/MSP quad delay patch with buffer processing, convolution reverb, and Waves Factory Cassette simulation

Reverb impulse: Fort Worden cistern


all rights reserved



snwv Pittsburgh

Maurice Rickard is a musician, sound artist, and Deep Listening Certificate holder based in Pittsburgh. snwv is his project to create ambient environments from finely tuned oscillators and other sound sources as well (guitar, microphones, feedback). Some patches use mostly oscillators, some use delays, some use controlled amounts of randomness. Results range from gentle ambience to chaos. ... more

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